Sunday, October 24, 2010

My love for Paityn, Gods love for me.

We have such an awesome God. He wants us to spend quiet time with Him through prayer or reading his precious word. He wants us to be Mary sometimes not Martha, to just sit and rest at his feet. Our society makes us feel like we need to be busy all the time but what we really need sometimes is to be still. Its a lesson I am learning. Probably always will be learning. Lately, I have seen Gods love through my love for Paityn, through my desire I have to raise her to know the Lord, through my prayer to be a light to others and reflect Christ. He shows me His amazing love all the times I mess up and He forgives me!!
I truly cant describe the love and care the Lord has for us it is to immense. He makes it so clear biblically he just wants for us to spend time with Him as we listen. He wants our plans to be His. His plans for our lives are good. He brings us trouble for us to be reminded to fully rely on Him. This is what struck me-
Lately I really have been cherishing every moment with Paityn as she is growing up so fast. Paityn has been trying to stand, grab, take, pull, play, roll, drink and bounce- these moments are wonderful but its the quiet moments that have been taking my breath away. Its when she is sleepy and she just wants to rest still in my arms. She simply is near to me, resting against my chest, dwelling in my comfort. I feel every sweet breath she breathes. I can quietly sing to her, gently talk with her, teach her what I have learned, or just simply hold my precious child and pray with her. I let my love just pour down onto her. In these moments I try to whisper to her how much I love her but words cannot express my love, its indescribable. It brings tears of joy to my eyes.
These moments with Paityn are teaching me about Gods love. That the Lord wants these moments with us, with me! He wants us to just stop sometimes, take a moment and listen to Him as he pours out us His love on us. We are his little Paityns... his precious children and he just wants us to rest in His magnificent peaceful presence. He loves us so much...he sacrificed His son for us to forgive us our sins...He gave us his word to teach us.... Life comes with lows and highs to allow us to fully rely on Him and praise Him through everything. There is nothing that stays constant apart from the Lord. There is no other rock but Him. There is no bigger love then the Love He has for us. I see a glimpse of our saviors love in my quiet moments with Paityn. The amazing love I have for my baby can not compare to the greatest love that our savior has for us. This overwhelms me. Praise the Lord and just take time to rest in His arms. He wants that so much.
Life is awesome. My daily prayer is that Ill be able to teach Paityn Gods love and she will grow to know Him. God decided to switch my prayer around. He is using Paityn to teach me of the importance of quiet time with Him and His love for me. How amazing is that! I hope you enjoy hearing what the lord has put on my heart and what the Lord is revealing to me. How great is our God!!!

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